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Durable and Safe Raymar Rubber Tiles for Playgrounds and Patios

At Dynamite Flooring, we provide and install high-quality Raymar rubber tiles that are perfect for outdoor playgrounds, patios, gyms, weight rooms and more. These durable, safe tiles stand up to heavy foot traffic while providing cushioning, sound dampening and slip resistance.

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Benefits of Raymar Rubber Tiles

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Raymar rubber tiles offer many advantages for outdoor floors:

  • Slip Resistant:  A textured surface provides sure footing, even when wet.
    Important for play areas.
  • Impact Absorption: The cushioning effect helps prevent injuries from falls.
  • Sound Dampening: Lowers noise from the activity for less disruption.
  • Durable: Withstands heavy usage and extreme weather with minimal wear.
  • Low Maintenance: Easy to clean by hosing off dirt. Does not require waxing or
  • Customizable Colors: Available in a range of colors to match surroundings.

Ideal Applications for Raymar Tiles

Raymar rubber tiles work beautifully in a variety of outdoor settings. For outdoor playgrounds, these tiles provide a soft, safe surface for kids to play on, protecting them from injury. The tiles are also ideal for patios, giving a slip-resistant yet comfortable surface to walk on barefoot. In gyms and workout facilities, the cushioning of the tiles helps reduce impact in weight areas while also dampening noise from equipment.

 The non-slip nature makes Raymar tiles perfect for locker room floors, preventing falls around showers and lockers. Garages benefit from Raymar tiles, as they stand up to car and foot traffic while reducing noise. The durability and multifunctionality of Raymar rubber tiles make them a versatile outdoor flooring solution.

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Our Process

Playgrounds and Patios Rubber Tiles

Our experienced flooring technicians start by fully evaluating the site and taking precise measurements of the total area to be covered in rubber tiles.

Proper measurements are crucial for ordering enough tiles. Next, we thoroughly prepare the surface, including deep cleaning and ensuring the subsurface is completely level. This prep work guarantees the tiles adhere properly.

Once the prep work is complete, we apply a heavy-duty adhesive specially formulated for outdoor rubber tiles to keep them firmly bonded to the subsurface. Our installers then carefully cut each tile to fit perfectly and lay them out according to the planned design and alignment. All seams between tiles are sealed with a weatherproof sealant to prevent moisture damage. After the last tile is installed, we thoroughly clean the area and inspect the new flooring for quality and smoothness. Our skilled technicians ensure full, even installation of new rubber tiles or replacement of existing damaged tiles.

Frequently asked questions

Installation time depends on the size of the area. For a standard 400 sq ft playground, installation usually takes 1-2 days. Larger areas may take 3-4 days.

The subsurface must be leveled, cleaned, and free of debris. Any major cracks or dips must be patched and filled. Proper prep prevents future tile buckling.

In most cases, old flooring should be removed prior to rubber tile installation to ensure proper adhesive bond. Tiles can sometimes be installed over very smooth surfaces like concrete.

We recommend allowing the adhesive to fully cure for 24-48 hours before heavy use. The tiles can be walked on immediately but are best left undisturbed during curing.

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